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KnarkzEye™ Helps Streamline Your Security Guards and Field Workforce Shift Operation.

Streamline your workforce operation with KnarkzEye™. The ultimate shift management and monitoring solution.

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Take Your Field Worker Operations to The Next Level


Businesses with field workers, be it Security companies, Government Offices, Corporate,  Residential, Healthcare or Campus security, face an underlying challenge of monitoring and tracking the progress and activity of their staff.

All such businesses have to rely on their workforce to get updates on m
anual ways of marking their attendance, reporting shift hours or incidents reported on duty. Your end clients are unaware of what’s happening on-site. In case of incidents, companies often have to capture the details and communicate to clients over the phone or email.

KnarkzEye™ caters to all these pain points by providing you with an innovative, efficient and secure mechanism via mobile app and web app to track and monitor your workforce in real time. You, your workers and your end clients are seamlessly connected to one platform from where everything can be monitored and tracked.



Security Firms

KnarkzEye™ is specifically developed to empower security firms of small and medium sizes. It provides you with the ability to receive valuable insights and essential data after completing security assignments. These resources aim to enhance the quality of your security guard services by adding value. Additionally, it ensures consistent operational procedures, resulting in increased client satisfaction through improved efficiency and overall productivity.

Government Offices

Government offices are susceptible to different forms of misconduct, and relying solely on security guards is insufficient to guarantee adequate safety. It is crucial to implement effective security guard management as well. KnarkzEye™, a security guard management platform, provides the ultimate solution for overseeing and managing security guards in government offices, ensuring enhanced safety measures.


The primary objective of employing corporate security guard services is to safeguard the business and individuals within the organization from a wide range of security threats. To achieve enhanced security measures, it is essential to adopt a proactive solution such as the KnarkzEye™ security guard management platform. This platform enables you to monitor guard activities on-site, investigate incidents, assess potential risks, facilitate real-time communication, and offers a multitude of additional functionalities to drive better security outcomes.


The KnarkzEye™ security guard management platform is a versatile solution designed to assist you in providing customized residential security guard services, effectively addressing the challenges encountered in day-to-day operations. By utilizing this platform, your security guards can communicate seamlessly, submit reports while on the move, perform site tours, and access numerous other features. KnarkzEye™ serves as a comprehensive solution that offers real-time visibility to your operations, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


KnarkzEye™ security guard management platform specifically designed for healthcare facilities addresses all your security-related concerns, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients. This platform offers a range of features including real-time incident reporting, time and attendance tracking, guard scheduling, and remote monitoring. By leveraging these capabilities, you can enhance visibility, effectively mitigate threats, and maintain a secure environment seamlessly within healthcare facilities.


KnarkzEye™ is specifically developed for campus security purposes. Its primary objective is to minimize the risks associated with physical, financial, and reputational damages. With KnarkzEye™, security guards can easily document and communicate their daily activities, providing you with real-time insight into your entire field operation. This platform empowers you to stay informed and proactive in managing campus security, ensuring a safer environment for your institution.

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Here's how it works.

Company Admin Portal

Contact us to setup your company on KnarkzPay™ backend admin portal.

Staff Signs On KnarkzEye™ Mobile App

Your staff sign up on KnarkzEye™ mobile app.

Company Portal

Your company sends enrolment requests to your workers from the backend company portal.

Enrolment On The Worker Mobile App

Your workers accept enrolment request on KnarkzEye™ mobile app and are ready to accept and start their shift.

Create Worker Shifts On Company Portal

Organisations create worker shifts on company portal.

Worker Starts Their Shift On The Mobile App

Your worker starts their shift on the mobile app at a specified date/time/location.


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Product Features

Live Tracking

Pinpoint the exact location of your security guard on the map. Find out where your security guard was on the post site during the specified time frame.

Tracking History

Track your entire security guard team logged into the mobile patrol app from a site to get a clear view.

Site Tour

KnarkzEye™ supports tour tag enabled guided site tours on client sites using the mobile app.

Custom Report

Assign custom reports to the post site so your guards can share required data from the post site.


Get live notifications of all activities taking place within the system.

Panic Alerts

Let security guards alert back-office users in real-time about any emergency on the post site by pressing the panic button on the guard app.

Post Orders

Post orders are a critical component of every guard’s day-to-day activity. Always keep them updated by creating detailed post orders.

Check in / Check out

Allow your guards to check in/out of post sites right within the app.

Time Clock

KnarkzEye™ integrated security guard time clock eliminates the need for carrying multiple devices to the patrol site and helps get rid of errors in timesheets.


Create and assign tasks to individual security guards on-site to ensure they are completed by them and easily trackable by you in KnarkzEye™ reporting.

Shift Templates

Use security guard scheduling software to create shift templates and use them across multiple post sites when creating shifts for guards to work on.

Open Shifts

Shift status lets the guards confirm each shift and provide live status to give you the extra confidence & reassurance that your guards will be there.

Shift Status

Shift status lets the guards confirm each shift and provide live status giving you extra confidence and reassurance that your guards will be on duty.

Shift Exchange

It enables security guards to exchange their confirmed shifts with other security guards with the approval of the back-office users.


Eliminate the time consumed by back-office users to manually reconcile attendance of guards clocking-in late or early with this KnarkzEye™ feature.

Guard Avalibility

Guards can define their weekly availability for the scheduler using their KnarkzEye™ mobile app, so they can schedule them based on that.

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About KnarkzEye™

KnarkzEye™ is committed to providing a seamless experience for all parties involved in the security management process. Our innovative solution provides a full ecosystem that connects end clients, security companies, and security guards.

Our product features focus on efficiency, ease of use, and seamless integration with your existing systems. We understand that quality is key, especially when it comes to a new product launch.

With KnarkzEye™, you can ensure that your clients and security guards feel safe, your security company is efficient and effective, and your management process is seamless and hassle-free.

Simple Design

We have designed KnarkzEye™ in a way that is easy to use by everyone. You can easily implement Knarkz Security on your private patrol business without a significant learning curve.

Dedicated Support
Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you with any inquiries you might have regarding our system. So, contact us to clear all your doubts.

Secure Access

KnarkzEye™ offers exceptional security when it comes to safeguarding your valuable data. We utilize the best security techniques to ensure that your data is secure.

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