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Mobile & Web Application

  • Before we begin, will I be able to get a fixed-price quote?
    Yes, before we begin, we will draft a project plan with you with all the specifications of what you need from us. We will then calculate a fixed-price quote mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • Do you develop mobile apps for Android and iOS both?
    Yes, our mobile applications work on all mobile platforms
  • Will I be given rights to my source code?
    Yes, we will give you access to the relevant copyright documents and transfer all legal rights to the source code to you
  • Do you charge extra for an earlier turnover?
    Yes, as per our policy, we do charge extra considering that we’d be prioritizing your project over all others
  • Are you able to enhance the existing website we have to give a more modern touch to it? What are the charges for that?
    Yes, we do offer those kinds of services, but we mostly prefer working with our own design process. Charges vary depending on how much work your site requires.
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