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New business vs Cost Optimisation

We have delivered a number of digital and web solutions across various sectors including Fintech, LegalTech, Metal, Health and Fitness, HR, and Retail. one common question we get asked post-implementation is how to increase our ROI.

One obvious answer is to increase your uptake of customers. More customers mean more revenue, a no-brainer. We understand gaining more customers has got its own sales and marketing cost.

While marketing campaigns are targeted towards acquiring new customers, there are ways how you can increase your revenue for existing clients. Sounds exciting?

As businesses scale and offer more payment methods to their customers via POS or online orders, one thing that companies should be conscious of is per transaction fee. Minor adjustments can yield £££ of savings which means more money in your bank account.

Talk to us about how you can save money on your orders and significantly lower your operational cost


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