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Making life a little easier for Residential and Commercial Property Surveyors

Residential and commercial property surveyors have the challenging task to capture the issues in the property. Not only do they have to take notes, take pictures but often have to record the issues. It's not easy to perform multiple surveys and capture all the necessary information and then go home only to find out that there was something crucial about the property that they remembered then but not now.

If you are taking handwritten notes then there is a daunting task to write them all down and copy-paste pictures. If you have RICS surveyors then you have to ensure that your team create accurate reports.

We understand how work can just mount up and if you have got a court hearing coming up then sleepless nights are not far off.

At Knarkz we help property surveyors get back their sleep by proving them with a solution that sure is to bring a smile on their face and time back in their diary for the next appointment


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